Magneceutical | How it Works

25 Years of Research Helps Us To Understand How The Magnesphere Works

The information gathered from institutions such as the University of Oklahoma's Heart Rhythm Institute, the Colorado Neurological Institute, Cornell, Fairleigh Dickensen, and the University of Colorado in research studies involving both animals and humans help us to understand the principles behind our technology. Our founder, Dr. Jerry Jacobson has compiled the findings from this research in his book, The Relaxation Response.

Address the Stress

The Magnesphere immerses the entire body in a uniform, natural magnetic field. Similar to an MRI, our fields affect the body at the molecular level

Bring Balance to the Body

By stimulating the Vagus nerve, our precise fields produce a balancing effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), resulting in enhanced feelings of relaxation. Which may lead to a decrease in the emotional and physiological effects of chronic stress.

Chronic Stress adversely affects disease states and chronic conditions of many types, leading to an exacerbation of symptoms (typically pain, inflammation, energy level, digestion, and sleep). Stress can literally be a killer - so take an important step towards better health and address the stress in your life!

Improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

By measuring HRV we are able to objectively demonstrate a change in the key biomarker for the ANS and stress, and provide a graph that charts the improvement during the session.